I’ve been thinking….

Welcome to my newest venture, a blog for my thoughts and discoveries. My son suggested this would be a good project for someone who tends to talk in essays. I hope it will be of some use. As time goes on, I hope others, too, will contribute to the site. Continue reading I’ve been thinking….

CSI Adjuncts Survey – Summary of Results

Technical details. In December of 2014, we surveyed 1119 people who were on a list as working in adjunct teaching and non-teaching titles. We received 455 responses, at least a 40% response rate. About 10 questionnaires were eliminated because the person wasn’t an adjunct. In one case where an accurate list of adjuncts was provided, the Business School (63 adjuncts in Spring 2015), there was a 39.7% rate of response (25 Business School adjuncts responded). Because the list was not perfect—it included an unknown number of people who did not respond because they no longer worked at CSI or no … Continue reading CSI Adjuncts Survey – Summary of Results

Organizing the Lower Caste Faculty in a Public University: Progress Report

Left Forum Presentation, 2015 Ruth Wangerin https://goo.gl/photos/Nx2iMRi8tuyhjKwr8 Introduction This button I’m wearing says “I was contingent before contingents were cool.” Well, I was contingent before anyone had heard of “contingents.” I was hired in 1970 as an adjunct lecturer when I was in grad school, and I loved getting the experience. However, I thought the college, but not my department, was being pretty cheap with us. As a matter of fact, I got into a fight with the administration about paying starving grad students much later than other employees. Years later, when I finished my doctorate, I resigned, saying it … Continue reading Organizing the Lower Caste Faculty in a Public University: Progress Report